Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of booking in Colca Trek Lodge

  • More than one day reservation, need to be pre-pay
  • If wanted to book with less than 24 hours, please call to (o54) 206217 or write to our e-mail colcatrek@gmail.com
  • As soon as you book a date and accept the price, we will send an e-mail reporting your request.
  • Telephone reservations are not accepted if not pre-pay
  • The deposit and completed reservation form must be received within the required time.

Reservations and payments:

To make your reservation please contact Jaqueline Puma at colcatreklodge@gmail.com and she will give you the information about the respective payment methods.


As the hotel is the only mountain lodge located in front of the impressive walls of the canyon in the same town of the viewpoint of condors, with few rooms and lots of demand, please be sure before booking because no refunds will be given back for unused services at the reserved date.